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Title: Simulation of the thermal mechanizm in semiconductors under action of pulsed electromagnetic field
Authors: Chumakov, V. I.
Slipchenko, N. I.
Stolarhuk, A. V.
Egorov, A. M.
Lonin, Yu. F.
Issue Date: 2004
Series/Report no.: PROBLEMS OF ATOMIC SIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. 2004. No 2. Series: Nuclear Phys ics Investigations (43), p.203- 205.;
Abstract: The paper presents a model taking into account the time character of heat localization and distribution in semiconductor devices unlike the classical Wunsch-Bell linear model describing the thermal mechanism of EM-radiation action on REA. The classification of action levels is given. The nonlinear model permitting to determine the time boundary of heat propagation in the semiconductor device is presented. In the time range t>tcr a uniform volumetric heating of the object takes place, and for t<tcr there is a heat localization in the range of energy release due to the lag of the heat dissipation process behind the energy input process. Taking this into account one determines the energy leading to irreversible results of action. The model allows one to determine the feeblest aspects of REA.
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