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Title: Situational Script Management of Business Processes with Changeable Structure
Authors: Chaliy, S.
Chala, O.
Keywords: Business-process
situational management
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: Chaliy, S. Situational Script Management of Business Processes with Changeable Structure [Text] / S. Chaliy, O. Chala // Desigion Making and Business Intelligence Strategies and Techniques. Supplement to International Journal “Information Technologies and Knowledge”. – 2008. – Vol. 2. – P. 62-66.
Abstract: In the presented work the problem of management business-processes with changeable structure is considered and situational based approach to its decision is offered. The approach is based on situational model of management business-process according to which process is represented as a set of situations. The script defining necessary actions is connected with each situation. Management of processes is carried out by means of the rules formalizing functional requirements to processes.
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