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Title: Choi-Williams Analysis of the Non-linear Ultrawideband Signals
Authors: Chernogor, L. F.
Lazorenko, O. V.
Vishnivetskiy, O. V.
Keywords: non-linear ultrawideband signals
digital processing
Choi-Williams transform
Cohen’s class non-linear transforms
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: Chernogor, L. F. Choi-Williams Analysis of the Non-linear Ultrawideband Signals / L. F. Chernogor, O. V. Lazorenko, O. V. Vishnivetskiy / Материалы конференции Ultrawideband and Ultrashort Impulse Signals. 15-19 September 2008 г. - Sevastopol. 2008. - С. 235-237.
Abstract: Choi-Williams analysis application for the non-linear ultrawideband signal describing was proposed. The advantages and the peculiarities of Choi-Wiliiams transform were discussed. The non-linear ultrawideband signal models in time domain were given. The Choi-Williams analysis for the analysis of the non-linear ultrawideband signals was performed.
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