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Title: Method of expression of certain bacterial microflora mucosa olfactory area
Authors: Аврунін, О. Г.
Носова, Я. В.
Shushlyapina, Natalia
Surtel, Wojciech
Burlibay, Aron
Zhassandykyzy, Maral
Keywords: endoscope
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: SPIE
Citation: Avrunin O. G., Nosova Y. V., Shushlyapina N. O.; Surtel W.; Burlibay A.; Zhassandykyzy M. Method of expression of certain bacterial microflora mucosa olfactory area (2015) Proc. SPIE 9816, Optical Fibers and Their Applications 2015, 98161L (December 18, 2015); doi:10.1117/12.2229074
Abstract: The article is devoted to the actual problem - the development of new express diagnostic methods, based on which a doctor-otolaryngologist can quickly and efficiently determine a violation of smell. The work is based on the methods of processing and analysis of medical images and signals. We have also identified informative indicators of endoscopic image of the olfactory region of the nasal mucosa of the upper course.
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