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Title: A Method of Computer Testing of the Level of Development of Graphic Skills
Authors: Аврунін, О. Г.
Selivanova, Karina
Saied, Husham Farouk Ismail
Keywords: Motor Skills
Fine Motor Skills
Dominant Hand
Graphics Tablet
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Selivanova K.G. A method of computer testing of the level of development of graphic skills / K.G. Selivanova, O.G. Avrunin, H.I. Faruk // International Journal of Computer Science and Engineering (SJCSE). – 2014. – Vol. 3, Issue 2. – P. 19-26.
Abstract: This paper describes a computer-aided method of testing fine motor skills of the dominant hand and introduces a technique for estimating the level of development of the fine motor skills (using graphical tablet). The paper provides a set of basic parameters that serves as criteria for performance evaluation methodology. The analysis of the tests results is carried out with a computer program that allows determining the level of development of motor skills based on quantitative assessments.
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