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Title: The Model and the Method of Two-Level Routing in Mpls
Authors: Лемешко, О. В.
Andrushko, D. V.
Hailan, A. H.
Keywords: MPLS
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Thi_Qar University Journal for Engineering Sciences
Citation: Lemeshko A.V., Andrushko D.V., Hailan A.M. The model and method of two-level routing in MPLS network // Thi_Qar University Journal for Engineering Science. - Vol. 3, No 2. - 2012. - P. 22-31.
Abstract: In the article mathematical model for routing in the MPLS network is proposed. Also method of two-level routing on the basis of goal coordination principle in the MPLS network is offered. The method is used to increase the scalability of flow-based routing strategies.I
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