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Title: Results of Development of Model for Bandwidth Management in LTE Downlink with Resource Allocation Type 1
Authors: Garkusha, S.
Al-Dulaimi, Aymen
Al-Janabi, H. D.
Keywords: Телекоммуникации
time-frequency resource
resource block
scheduling block
mathematical model
required bandwidth
Resource Allocation Type 1
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: CADSM 2015, 24 - 27 February , 2015, Polyana - Svalyava (Zakarpattya)
Abstract: The results of development of the mathematical model for time-frequency resource allocation in the downlink of the LTE technology using the Resource Allocation Type 1 are given. The proposed model is aimed at provision of the guaranteed quality of service for wireless network users by allocating the required downlink bandwidth to user equipment. The analysis of the proposed model for time-frequency resource allocation in the LTE technology from the viewpoint of providing the required bandwidths for user equipment in the downlink was conducted.
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