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Title: Realization of Resource Blocks Allocation in LTE Downlink in the Form of Nonlinear Optimization
Authors: Al-Dulaimi, Aymen
Al-Dulaimi, Mohammed
Ageyev, D.
Keywords: Телекоммуникации
Resource Block
Quality of Service
nonlinear optimization
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: TCSET'201 6, February 23 – 26 , 2016 , Lviv - Slavske, Ukraine
Abstract: In this paper proposed realization of resource blocks allocation in LTE downlink in the form of nonlinear optimization. In using improved model it is possible to avoid the control variables Boolean nature, which has a positive impact on the computational complexity of final technological solutions for resource allocation. Problem of RAT 1 was reduced to the problem solution of nonlinear optimization. In solving this problem minimized both the number of resource blocks used, and downlink bandwidth.
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