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Title: Priority-Based Model of Subchannel Allocation in WiMAX Downlink
Authors: Lemeshko, O. V.
Al-Janabi, Haider D.
Al-Janabi, Hussam D.
Keywords: Телекоммуникации
subscriber station
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: ©Scholars Academic and Scientific Publisher
Abstract: Priority-based model of subchannel allocation in WiMAX downlink is presented, which is based on solution of the optimization problem associated with maximizing the lower weighted bound of allocated bandwidth for each subscriber station according to its quality of service requirements for access rate and priority. Numerical research of model showed that increasing of the bandwidth requirements of the stations with higher priority significantly affect the resource allocation to other stations than the requirements of lower priority stations. The adequacy and effectiveness of solutions in terms of providing different types of service level to subscriber stations depending on the priority is confirmed.
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