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Title: Improvement of EIGRP Protocol Routing Algorithm with the Consideration of Information Security Risk Parameters
Authors: Snihurov, A.
Chakrian, V.
Keywords: information security
dynamic routing
route metric
information security risk
network node vulnerability
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Scholars Academic and Scientific Publisher
Citation: Scholars Journal of Engineering and Technology (SJET)
Abstract: In this paper it’s proposed to use the parameter of information security risk in the formula of EIGRP protocol metric calculation to route the traffic by the most secure paths in the network. The method proposes to calculate the risk on the basis of two risk parameters: the risk, which is calculated to the basis of the NIST CVSS standard and the risk calculated on the basis of formula for the degree of node vulnerability from the theory of information systems survivability. It lets to consider and the information security of routed packets and the structural integrity of the network. Also it’s proposed the modified algorithm of load balancing between paths that let to offload the most efficient routing node while the network is under the denial of service (DoS) attack.The results of the research shows that the proposed approach can be used to increase the chance of prevention of the information security violation of routed packets and to keep safe the most efficient routing nodes in the network that allow to route the trusted traffic in efficient manner while the network is under DoS attack or lack critical system resources.
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