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Title: Model to improve required qualities of transmission rate in wimax technology downlink
Authors: Al-Janabi, H. D.
Al-Dulaimi, A. M.
Abed, A. H.
Keywords: MODEL
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: НУ ЛП
Citation: Al-Janabi H.D., Al-Dulaimi A.M. , Abed A.H MODEL TO IMPROVE REQUIRED QUALITIES OF TRANSMISSION RATE IN WIMAX TECHNOLOGY DOWNLINK // Сучасні проблеми телекоомунікацій і підготовка фахівців в галузі телекомунікацій , Lviv, 30 жовтня 2013 , c. 125.
Abstract: The given work presents mathematical model of sub-channels distribution using various kinds of objective functions in offered model is directed to allocation of minimum data rate transmission of every user station. Subcarrier frequency is primary building block of OFDM method that using to distribute sub-channel for users as in this work used submode OFDMA FUSC Full Usage of Subcarriers, the element of frequency resources, called the sub-channel.
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