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Title: Enhanced Flow-based Model of Multipath Routing with Overlapping by Nodes Paths
Authors: Єременко, О. С.
multipath routing
flow-based model
Quality of Service
Network Security
Fault- tolerance
non-overlapping paths
overlapping by nodes paths
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Second International Scientific-Practical Conference «Problems of Infocommunications. Science and Technology» PIC S&T`2015
Abstract: Enhanced solution of topical scientific and practical problem associated with the development of flow- based model of multipath routing with paths overlapping by nodes in Telecommunication Network (TCN) was presented. This model is further extension of the well known multipath routing model based on the introduction to the structure of non-linear constraints responsible for the calculation of routes that intersect just at nodes. It is possible to obtain the order of multipath routing by overlapping by nodes paths in the solution of nonlinear programming problem with given objective function, linear constraints and nonlinear terms. Search for a compromise on the providing fault-tolerance and network security, on the one hand, and quality of service, on the other, led to the fact that in some important cases the requirements for overlapping paths can be slightly reduced and it is allowable to use paths overlapping only by network nodes. Simulation results confirmed the efficiency of the proposed model. Among the advantages of the proposed model of multipath routing with overlapping by nodes paths, one can distinguish the fact that with the same parameters of security and fault-tolerance can be achieved higher performance and quality of service parameters in TCN in a whole.
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