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Title: Mathematical simulation of self-similar network traffic with aimed parameters
Authors: Kirichenko, L.
Radivilova, T.
Keywords: self-similar
network traffic
stochastic processes
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: "Tibiscus" University of Timişoara, Romania
Citation: Kirichenko L., Radivilova T., Abed Saif Alghawli. Mathematical simulation of self-similar network traffic with aimed parameters // Annals Computer Science Sériés. – 2013. – 11 Tome 1 Fasc. – 2013. – P.17-22.
Abstract: The objective of the given work is to study the queues resulting in the buffer while self-similar traffic passing through a network nod and to build a mathematical model of an actual traffic. The latest researches of different types of network traffics bring out clearly that network traffic is defined by self- similarity and long-term dependence. The self-similar traffic has specific structure being reserved at various measures - its realization is characterized by some vast emissions when respecting low medium-scale traffic. This fact degrades the performance significantly (increases, losses and delays) while running through the network nods. Hence, it follows that commonly used methods of simulation and network system calculations rested on traditional assumptions do not reflect the real situation taking place in the network.
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