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Title: Dynamic load balancing algorithm of distributed systems
Authors: Ivanisenko, I.
Kirichenko, L.
Radivilova, T.
Keywords: load balancing system
dynamic algorithm
parameter Hurst
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Ivanisenko I., Kirichenko L., Radivilova T. Dynamic load balancing algorithm of distributed systems // Proc.TCSET’2016 XIIIth International Conference “Modern Problems of Radio Engineering, Telecommunications, and Computer Science”. February, 2016. – Pp. 515-518.
Abstract: The dynamic load balancing algorithm based on the monitoring server load, self-similar characteristics of passing traffic have to provide a statistically uniform load distribution on servers, high performance, fault tolerance and capacity, low response time, the amount of overhead and losses was propose in work. Integrated measurement for the total imbalance level of the system were entered.
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