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Title: Closer Look at Microprocessors that have Shaped the Digital World
Authors: Ngene, Ch. U.
Mishra, M. K.
Keywords: RISC architecture
CISC architecture
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: ХНУРЭ
Citation: Ngene, C. U. A Closer Look at Microprocessors that have Shaped the Digital World / C. U. Ngene, M. K. Mishra // Радиоэлектроника и информатика : науч.-техн. журн. – Х. : Изд-во ХНУРЭ, 2009. – Вып. 4. – С. 41-55.
Abstract: If you have been following the development in the microprocessor world you would attest to the fact that things have dramatically changed since the introduction of the first world acclaimed microprocessor Intel 4004 in 1971. What were the changes that have been made to these processors that have actually improved our lots, especially how we perceive the world around us and improve our productivity at work? In this study, we investigate different general purpose processors with a view to enlightening consumers and enthusiasts alike, determine which of the myriads of processors will be most appropriate for their tasks and the choice of which makes more economic sense. We have been able to explore in relative detail that processor speed is not the only determinant of processor performance but of most significant is the architecture. This study reveals that new technology is not the only factor that determines whether a new processor is actually new, but most importantly marketing considerations have been the driving force.
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