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Title: Choosing of Optimal Cluster Size in WiMax Mesh Network Under Hierarchical Cross-Layer Routing
Authors: Yevsieieva, O.
Essa Mohammed Al-Azzaw
Keywords: wireless mesh-network
hierarchical cross- layer routing
time slot allocation
size of cluster
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Second International Scientific-Practical Conference «Problems of Infocommunications. Science and Technology» PIC S&T`2015
Abstract: A rational compromise between scalability and performance of WiMax mesh wireless network can be reached by hierarchical cross-layer routing. The paper offers appropriate mathematical model in space of state. The model describes dynamics of clustered mesh wireless network and allows to decompose initial control task into routing and slot allocation inside clusters, and routing and slot allocation between clusters. Simulation results show that chosen cluster size affects network productivity and complexity of optimization problem, its optimal value depends on average distance between source and destination, network size and network connectivity
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