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Title: A Study of New Cycloid Swing Link Speed Reducer by using Algorithmic Design
Authors: Drugarin, Cornelia Victoria Anghel
Ahmad, Mohammad Ayaz
Lyashenko, Vyacheslav
Keywords: design
dynamics and dimensional calculus
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Anghel Drugarin Cornelia Victoria, M. Ayaz Ahmad, Vyacheslav V. Lyashenko, “A Study of New Cycloid Swing Link Speed Reducer by using Algorithmic Design”, Int. Journal of Science & Research (IJSR), Vol. 4 (5), pp. 408-411, 2015.
Abstract: The aim of this article is to present a design algorithm for a new modern and high mechanical efficiency cycloid swing link speed reducer. Estimate that the new cycloid swing link speed reducer has and others advantages in comparison with the existing push road reducer such as: strong capacity of anti impact and over load, accessible process technology. We propose an algorithm for kinematics, dynamics and resistance (dimensional) calculus for specific main portent elements. Dimensional design of common elements as: shafts, bearings, carcasses, etc. not offer in the paper.
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