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Title: Models for SoC Infrastructure of Radio Frequency Identification with Code-Division Multiple
Authors: Filippenko, I. V.
Hahanova, I. V.
Filippenko, I. O.
Maksimov, M.
Chugurov, I. N.
Keywords: Models for SoC Infrastructure
Radio Frequency Identification
Code-Division Multiple
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: EWDTS
Citation: Filippenko I. V. Models for SoC Infrastructure of Radio Frequency Identification with Code-Division Multiple /Filippenko I. V., Hahanova I. V., Filippenko I. O, Maksimov M., Chugurov I. //Proceedings of IEEE East-West Design & Test Symposium (EWDTS’2012)
Abstract: Application of the direct spread spectrum technology to radio frequency identification system for solving problems of speed, reliability and electromagnetic compatibility is considered. The models of systems-on-chips for tag and reader of RFID systems with code-division multiple, based on technology of direct spread spectrum, are proposed. Nowadays, the most promising technology for automatic identification is radio frequency identification (RFID), when data is transferred without any mechanical contact between the devices. Contactless identification technologies correspond to all the requirements of computer control systems, where recognition and registration of objects are realized in real time. Modern infrastructure of RFID systems (Fig. 1) involves readers, tags and various protocols, which allow integrating the system in global information networks and variety of applications of enterprise levels. In addition, the infrastructure can also include other devices, such as bar code readers, input/output devices, for instance label printers, motion detectors, photo sensors. Transponder and reader communicate with each other by using radio frequency channel. Wireless data channel is the most vulnerable link in the system, because the data transmitted by radio channel, may be intercepted. Also the problem of electromagnetic compatibility of various wireless devices is important. This paper is devoted to solving this problem through the creation of models of systems-on-chips for tag and reader by using the direct spread spectrum technology (CDMA).
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