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Title: Algorithmic Research and Application Using the Rayleigh Method
Authors: Drugarin, Cornelia Victoria Anghel
Ahmad, Mohammad Ayaz
Ahmad, N. Ameer
Lyashenko, Vyacheslav
Keywords: Matrixes
Rayleigh numerical method
power method
DevC++ program
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Anghel Drugarin Cornelia Victoria, M.Ayaz Ahmad, N. Ameer Ahmad, Vyacheslav V.Lyashenko, “Algorithmic Research and Application Using the Rayleigh Method”, Int. Journal ofScience & Research (IJSR), Vol 4 (4), pp. 1669-1671, 2015.
Abstract: The aim ofthis article is topresent the general notions and algorithm about power (Rayleigh) method. The solutions for a numerical example are given and the C++ program illustrated the facility ofthis method. Wecan concluded, that the small number of iterations resulted todetermined the equation solutions, indicated us, that the chosen ofpower method isa good decision.
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