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Title: Expert evaluation model of the computer system diagnostic features
Authors: Krivoulya, G.
Lipchansky, A.
Sheremet, Ye.
Shkil, A.
Kucherenko, D.
Keywords: computer system
Evaluation model
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: EWDTS
Citation: G. Krivoulya Expert evaluation model of the computer system diagnostic features/ A. Lipchansky, Ye. Sheremet, G. Krivoulya, A. Shkil, D. Kucherenko//Proceedings of IEEE East-West Design & Test Symposium (EWDTS’2014)
Abstract: In this paper, the expert diagnostic system (EDS) is suggested to be used for the analysis of the computer system’s technical state. The mathematical apparatus that allows to operate the expect assessment of the diagnosis object’s state (hardware, software or staff) is fuzzy logic. In the preparation stage of the diagnostic experiment (DE) it is proposed to describe the diagnostic features of the computer system in terms of linguistic variables, which makes it possible to use the knowledge and experience of the expert in their familiar form. Any modern computer system’s (CS) information processing and management, regardless of the scope of its use, can be represented by a set of hardware, software (SW) and staff. Failures in hardware can lead to the generation of a false signal, which is fed to the input of software components. This can lead to the failure of the software. In such critical (emergency) situations the staff also often makes mistakes. The incorrect actions of the latter, in turn, can provoke failures and errors in the hardware or software. Thus, an error, occurring in a single component, can lead to the failure of the entire CS.
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