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Title: Design of Wavelet Filter Bank for JPEG 2000 Standard
Authors: Hahanova, I. V.
Fomina, E.
Sorudeykin, K.
Hahanov, V. I.
Bykova, V.
Keywords: Discrete wavelet transform
Lifting Scheme
Filter bank
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: EWDTW
Citation: Hahanova I. V. Design of Wavelet Filter Bank for JPEG 2000 Standard /Hahanova I. V., Hahanov V. I., Fomina E., Bykova V., Sorudeykin K.//Proceedings of IEEE East-West Design & Test Workshop (EWDTW’06)
Abstract: Models, method and hardware implementation of lifting-based wavelet filter scheme for JPEG 2000 standard are proposed. JPEG 2000 image compression standard is used for data transmission, print and scan of images, digital photography. Low-pass and highpass filters for implementing JPEG 2000 transformation are described. Obtained results were compared with the same parameter of other discrete wavelet transformation (DWT) devices that were proposed in others references. This work purpose is essential speed growing of the ad hoc pipelining lifting-based DWT hardware implementation. JPEG2000 is new image compression algorithm based on discrete wavelet transformation of input data. This technique is a next development of JPEG group. It could be used for data transmitting in Internet, for image printing and scanning, for digital photography. Transform time reduce due to ad hoc SoC architectures essential increases the device feasibility attractiveness. To achieve this purpose the next challenges have been solved: 1. Digital models and their transformation methods were considered. 2. Lifting-based wavelet transformation hardware architecture was designed. 3. Control algorithm for DWT was created. 4. DWT-device on Xilinx FPGA was implemented. 5. Digital system testing and verification, different device version speeds and SNR were compared. Discrete wavelet transformation device architecture, which doesn’t use external memory that increase the device speed, was developed. Also it allows reducing device cost. IP Core for JPEG2000 encoder/decoder SoC was proposed. In this work it was put emphasis on the fast control block design, not only arithmetic blocks that was made in considering references. It allows increasing speed the whole device. The speed analysis for devices implemented on different Xilinx FPGA series with different memory types and transformation image sizes was done. The device was compared with existing prototypes by speed and area. Scientific novelty is the pipelining DWT device that is intent to use as IP core and implement in programmable chip. The proposed device has more simple ALU part, doesn’t use external memory, and so is faster and chipper than existing analogs. The practical significance is proposition of the simple, high technology and effective DWT device that have high speed and low power consumption. It is its advantage in over software implementation of the IEEE JPEG2000 standard. Further work steps: 1. DWT and IDWT device design for 5/3 and 9/7 JPEG2000 filter banks. 2. DWT and IDWT device implementation using Xilinx Virtex-4 DSP processor.
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