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Title: Coverage Method for FPGA Fault Logic Blocks by Spares
Authors: Hahanov, Vladimir
Litvinova, Eugenia
Gharibi, Wajeb
Guz, Olesya
Keywords: Coverage Method
Fault Logic Blocks by Spares
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: EWDTS
Citation: Vladimir Hahanov Coverage Method for FPGA Fault Logic Blocks by Spares /Vladimir Hahanov, Eugenia Litvinova, Wajeb Gharibi, Olesya Guz //Proceedings of IEEE East-West Design & Test Symposium (EWDTS’09)
Abstract: A fault coverage method for digital system-on-chip by means of traversal the logic block matrix to repair the FPGA components is proposed. A method enables to obtain the solution in the form of quasioptimal coverage for all faulty blocks by minimum number of spare tiles. A choice one of two traversal strategies for rows or columns of a logic block matrix on the basis of the structurization criteria, which determine a number of faulty blocks, reduced to the unit modified matrix of rows or columns is realized. The problem of testing technologies adaptation for new digital system-in-package (SiP), which gradually develops the market of electronic technology [1-6] is considered. SiP forms new challenges of real-time Infrastructure IP for system functionalities, which differs from embedded diagnosis of SoC components essentially. Yervant Zorian is leading scientist in the field of Design and Test in the world [3] and he said now the main problem of digital system repairing is designing the methods and technologies for on-chip logic repairing although it occupies no more 10% of chip area. Objective of the research is design of a method for on-chip diagnosis of digital system-on-a-chip on the basis of traversal the rows and columns to increase SiP testability, quality and reliability. The problems are: 1) design of a matrix model for the FPGA logic blocks in the form of tiles, which contain faults; 2) design of a coverage method for faulty logic blocks by spare tiles in the traversal of matrix rows or columns; 3) testing and verification of the method on examples of logic block matrixes, containing various faulty configurations.
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