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Title: Competence as a Support Factor of the Computer System Operation
Authors: Kucherenko, D.
Krivoulya, G.
Shkil, A.
Keywords: ICT-competence
diagnosis experiment
qualifying task
fuzzy logic
condition-action rule
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: EWDTS
Citation: Kucherenko D. Competence as a Support Factor of the Computer System Operation/Krivoulya G., Shkil A., Kucherenko D.//Proceedings of IEEE East-West Design & Test Symposium (EWDTS’2011)
Abstract: In this paper the issue of the computer systems users’ competence analysis as one of its failing causes was considered. For this purpose the competence model for the analysis of witch it is necessary to carry out the diagnostic experiments, where the qualifying tasks will be open form tasks with a detailed answer, was proposed. In order to evaluate these tasks the mathematical apparatus of fuzzy logic was proposed to use. In this paper a justification of the operating fuzzyIn the past two decades, computer systems (CS) has been extensively implemented to the management of the complex technical objects, such as process control systems and power plants control systems, environment control systems and object detection systems, vehicles control systems, power distribution systems, etc. Regardless of the technical control object complexity human remains the main link in the man-machine systems (MMS). He defines the goal, plans, directs and controls of the whole process of the MMS’s functioning. The correctness of the CS operation which characterizes the faultless (accuracy) of decision problems faced by CS’s users depends on his activity. One of the main reasons of CS falling is user errors which depend on the level of their professional competence in the information and communication technologies (ICT - competence). ICT competence can be defined as the specialist capacity to make the best use of the available hardware and software of the information and communication technologies. At the same time user performs a specific professional function (or several functions), which directly represents one of the components of the overall specialist qualification and is reflected in the developed standards, qualifying requirement, etc. inference algorithm was given, and the model of conditionaction rules composition was proposed.
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