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Title: Security Risks and Modern Cyber Security Technologies for Corporate Networks
Authors: Adamov, A.
Hahanov, V.
Gharibi, W.
Keywords: protection
antivirus technologies
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: ХНУРЭ
Citation: Adamov, A. Security Risks and Modern Cyber Security Technologies for Corporate Networks / A. Adamov, V. Hahanov, W. Gharibi // Радиоэлектроника и информатика : науч.-техн. журн. – Х. : Изд-во ХНУРЭ, 2010. – Вып. 4. – С. 31-35.
Abstract: The article aims to highlight current trends on he market of corporate antivirus solutions. Brief overview of modern security threats that can destroy IT environment is rovided as well as a typical structure and features of ntivirus suits for corporate users presented on the market. he general requirements for corporate products are etermined according to the last report from [1]. The detailed analysis of new features is rovided based on an overview of products available on the market nowadays. At the end, an enumeration of modern trends in antivirus industry for corporate users completes this rticle. Finally, the main goal of this article is to stress an ttention about new trends suggested by AV vendors in their olutions in order to protect customers against newest security hreats.
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