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Title: Content First Design
Authors: Gurieva, N.
Garza, C.
Keywords: interactive technologies
smart TVs
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: ХНУРЭ
Citation: Gurieva N. Content First Design / N/ Gurieva // Полиграфические, мультимедийные и WEB-технологии (PMW-2016) : тез. докл. 1-й Междунар. науч.-техн. конф., 16–20 мая 2016 г. – Харьков : ХНУРЭ, 2016. – Т. 1. – С. 89–91
Abstract: In the world of interactive technologies, which includes apps, videogames, smart TVs, websites with dynamic content, among others, there is a tendency to forget that the reason we visit a site, or play a videogame or watch a video online is because of its content. Human beings learn, since primordial times, through conversations with their peers. The process of a conversation its a constant feedback from both parties involved in the process.
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