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Title: Informatization on the physical culture of students using the «physical education» computer program
Authors: Tserkovna, O.
Ashanin, V.
Filenko, L.
Pasko, V.
Keywords: physical education
computer program
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Informatization on the physical culture of students using the «physical education» computer program / V. Ashanin, L Filenko, V Pasko //Journal of Physical Education and Sport.- 2017.-Vol. 17 (3), P.1970-1976.
Abstract: Purpose: To analyze the possibilities of using computer programs for informatization of physical culture of students 8-16 years old. Research materials: physical education lessons for students 8-16 years old (girls n = 78, boys n = 82); individual models of physical activity planning taking into account indicators of physical development and students' health status. Results: computer program that allows recording and analyzing individual indicators of the physical development and state of health of students has been developed. The computer program performs the distribution of physical loads on the basis of individual regression models. Conclusions: Experiment showed significant differences in the students participating in the study, in terms of strength development (p<0,05), speed (p<0,01), speed-strength qualities (p<0,05), agility (p<0,05) unlike other students who did not use the computer program "Physical Education".
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