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Title: Оценка эффективности метода сжатия на основе межкадрового полиадического кодирования видеоданных в стандарте TETRA
Authors: Ковтун, И. В.
Keywords: межкадровое полиадическое кодирование
длины серий
стандарт TETRA
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Проблеми телекомунікацій
Citation: Ковтун И. В. "Оценка эффективности метода сжатия на основе межкадрового полиадического кодирования видеоданных в стандарте TETRA." Проблеми телекомунікацій. – 2012. – № 4 (9). – С. 72 - 85.
Abstract: At a necessity a vitally important information transfer in the earliest possible dates by the most optimal choice for the systems of mobile radio contact, working in interests control system, there is a standard of TETRA. In too time the investigational not enough side of standard of TETRA is that mechanisms are absent in him, providing the transmission of video information. This feature limits to potential possibilities of control system the railway transport on the basis of trunking radio contact. Thus, consists one of directions of perfection of standard of TETRA of providing of possibility of organization of video information cooperation. By basic technical limits on possibility of organization in the standard of TETRA of video information cooperation there are a fast acting of calculable subsystem and rate of data on radio channels. In this connection at the ground of possibility of the use of methods of compression in the standard of TETRA important descriptions are an aspect ratio and amount of operations, expended on encoding and decoding. For the decision of this applied problem it is necessary to use the methods of compact presentation of images, allowing to shorten a volume processed and transferrable. The aim of work is exposition of mathematical presentation of estimation of aspect of sequence of images ratio, due to their inters killed encoding with the exposure of cerouss of identical elements, calculation of estimation of efficiency of worked out and existent methods of compression of images on an aspect ratio.
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