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Title: The Method Of Video Streams Processing For Information Technologies Of Aero Monitoring
Authors: Бараннік, В. В.
Keywords: video streams
aerial photograph
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Vladimir Barannik, Alexsander Musienko, Yuriy Ryabukha, Oleg Suprun and Alexander Slobodyanyuk. The Method Of Video Streams Processing For Information Technologies Of Aero Monitoring // Proceedings of 14th International Conference on Advanced Trends in Radioelectronics, Telecommunications and Computer Engineering. (S2). – Lviv-Slavske, 2018. – p. 81-85.
Abstract: In article the questions related with video streams processing which are formed in the conditions of aero monitoring by UAC are considered. It is shown that the video stream is presented in the form of images frames sequence which segments are characterized by the different semantic saturation. Various approaches of the video frames processing which allow to select significant information in the image, namely planimetric and textural are considered. Contradictions between increase in amount of the temporary redundancy caused by existence of interpersonnel structural regularities and requirements which are imposed to process on a video stream processing are stated. Need of orthogonal transformations application for textural areas of the image processing is proved. The method of two-hierarchical aerial photograph blocks coding taking into account the image blocks semantic saturation is developed. Graphs of information intensity reduction coefficient dependences on the blocks semantic saturation level of various images classes are presented in article.
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