Diagnosing the signs of pathological states of a human based on the analysis of heart rate variability

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Кривенко, С. А.
Безрук, В. М.
Kryvenko, L.
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The aim of this work was to build information model of salivary lipid peroxidation and periodontal status and to evaluate the correlation between antioxidant level in unstimulated saliva of children and inflammation in periodontal tissues. The study was conducted on 141 subjects, which were in the age group of 12-18 years reporting to the Department of Pediatric Dentistry. Among the 141 subjects, 55 healthy controls (HC) formed. The atopy group consisted of 126 patients with the following conditions: 76 patients of atopic diseases and gingivitis and 50 patients of atopic diseases without clinical manifestations of gingivitis. The obtained data prove that there is an oxidative misbalance in children with atopy. Level of MDA is increased and level of glutathione is decreased in group of patients with atopy and it does not depend on the presence of gingivitis in these groups. The information model of salivary lipid peroxidation, periodontal status was built and regression analysis showed that there was no correlation between inflammation in periodontal tissues and level of antioxidants.
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Dentistry, Biochemistry, Lipidomics, Regression analysis
V. Bezruk, S. Krivenko and L. Kryvenko, "Salivary lipid peroxidation and periodontal status detection in ukrainian atopic children with convolutional neural networks," 2017 4th International Scientific-Practical Conference Problems of Infocommunications. Science and Technology (PIC S&T), Kharkov, 2017, pp. 122-124, doi: 10.1109/INFOCOMMST.2017.8246364.