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Title: Processing Technique for Biomedical Image Analysis
Authors: Lyashenko, V.
Kobylin, O.
Ryazantsev, О.
Ryazantsev, I.
Keywords: image processing
biomedical data
cell structures
wavelet analysis
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Severodonetsk, Ukraine
Citation: Lyashenko V., Kobylin O., Ryazantsev O., I. Ryazantsev I. Processing Technique for Biomedical Image Analysis // TACSIT-2019, Severodonetsk, Ukraine. – 2019. – P. 33-36.
Abstract: Image processing methods are used in all areas of research. These methods provide additional information, a better understanding of the object that is being studied. Among the areas of using image processing methods, medicine occupies a special place. Biomedical data allow us to assess human health, to identify diseases in the early stages. Images of cellular structures of cytological preparations are one of the examples of biomedical data. Based on image analysis methods, we can isolate various components of cellular structures of cytological preparations. To do this, we apply the methods of wavelet analysis for different color components of the input image. Applying morphological analysis, we can identify individual cellular structures. The results are shown on the example of images of cellular structures of cytological preparations.
ISSN: 2522-4387
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