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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Cyber Physical System – Smart Cloud Traffic ControlHahanov, V. I.; Gharibi, W.; Abramova, L. S.; Chumachenko, S. V.; Litvinova, E. I.; Hahanova, A. V.; Rustinov, V.; Miz, V.; Zhalilo, A.; Ziarmand, A.
2016Features of communication protocols universal radiorelay-tropospheric systemsDrif, A.; Kassul, A.; Sokorchuk, I. P.; Loshakov, V. A.
2010Models and Methods for Verification and Diagnosis of SoC HDL-codeHahanov, V. I.; Gharibi, W.; Litvinova, E. I.; Chumachenko, S. V.
2008General Testing Models of SOC Hardware Software ComponentsHahanov, V. I.; Litvinova, E. I.; Gharibi, W.
2012Internet of Things: A Practical Implementation based on a Wireless Sensor Network ApproachMercaldi, Michele; D’Oria, Andrea; Murru, Davide; Liang, Hai-Ning; Man, Ka Lok; Lim, Eng Gee; Hahanov, V. I.; Mischenko, A.
2014Smart traffic light in terms of the Cognitive road traffic management system (CTMS) based on the Internet of ThingsMiz, V.; Hahanov, V. I.
2011Spam Diagnosis Infrastructure for Individual CyberspaceHahanov, V. I.; Mischenko, A.; Chumachenko, S. V.; Hahanova, A. V.; Priymak, A.
2016Solving of sat – problems of artificial intelligence with the help of local elimination algorithmsMiroshnik, M. A.; Tsekhmistro, R. I.; Demichev, А. I
2018Methodology Modeling of Parts with Replaceable Hard Alloy Plates Types in the SolidWorks SystemLyashenko, V.; Sinelnikova, T.; Mohammad, A.
2015Dielectric and Electrical Characterization Study of Synthesized Alumina Fibre Reinforced Epoxy CompositesAlveera, Khan; Mohammad, A.; Shirish, Joshi; Lyashenko, V.