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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Properties of wavelet coefficients of self-similar time seriesLyashenko, V.; Deineko, Z.; Ahmad, A.
2015Methodology of Correlation Analysis in Solution of a Problem of Normalization of Projective Image TransformationsLyashenko, V.; Mohammad, A.; Lyubchenko, V.; Kobylin, O.
2015A Theoretical Interpretation for the Study of Images ProcessingPutyatin, Y.; Lyashenko, V.; Mohammad, A.; Lyubchenko, V.; Ahmad, A.
2015Computing Features of Elementary Projective Orthogonal Transformations of an ImageLyashenko, V.; Lyubchenko, V.; Mohammad, A.
2015Bank Lending Efficiency in the Real Sector of the Economy of Ukraine within the Period of 2011 to 2014 YearsMohammad, A.; Kots, G.; Lyashenko, V.
2015Experiments with Fusion of Images with Use of Wavelet Transformation in Problems of the Text Information AnalysisLyashenko, V.; Mohammad, A.; Kobylin, O.
2015Microsituations as part of the formalization of avalanche climate to avalanche-riskiness and avalanche-safety classes in the emergency situations separationAhmad, Mohammad Ayaz; Kuzemin, O.; Lyashenko, V.; Ahmad, N. Ameer
2015A Study of New Cycloid Swing Link Speed Reducer by using Algorithmic DesignDrugarin, Cornelia Victoria Anghel; Ahmad, Mohammad Ayaz; Lyashenko, V.
2015Algorithmic Research and Application Using the Rayleigh MethodDrugarin, Cornelia Victoria Anghel; Ahmad, Mohammad Ayaz; Ahmad, N. Ameer; Lyashenko, V.
2015Dielectric and Electrical Characterization Study of Synthesized Alumina Fibre Reinforced Epoxy CompositesAlveera, Khan; Mohammad, A.; Shirish, Joshi; Lyashenko, V.