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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Hurst Exponent as a Part of Wavelet Decomposition Coefficients to Measure Long-term Memory Time Series Based on Multiresolution AnalysisLyashenko, V.; Matarneh, R.; Baranova, V. V.; Deineko, Z.
2016Stochastic Frontier Analysis as a Tool for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Banks Lending To the Real Economic Sectors in UkraineBaranova, V. V.; Kots, G.; Matarneh, R.; Lyashenko, V.
2017Conformity Analysis Between Experimental and Theoretical Data in the Study Collisions of Relativistic Heavy Ion (The Case φ-Space)Mohammad, A.; Lyashenko, V.; Sinelnikova, T.
2017Methodology of Wavelets in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions in One Dimensional Phase Space (η-Space)Lyashenko, V.; Mohammad, A.; Deineko, Z.; Hashim, R.
2017Wavelet Analysis as a Learning Tool a Polymer CompositesLyashenko, V.; Mohammad, A.; Kobylin, O.
2015Methodology of Correlation Analysis in Solution of a Problem of Normalization of Projective Image TransformationsLyashenko, V.; Mohammad, A.; Lyubchenko, V.; Kobylin, O.
2017Study of Wavelet Methodology and Chaotic Behavior of Produced Particles in Different Phase Spaces of Relativistic Heavy Ion CollisionsMohammad, A.; Lyashenko, V.; Deineko, Z.; Baker, J.; Ahmad, S.
2015A Theoretical Interpretation for the Study of Images ProcessingPutyatin, Y.; Lyashenko, V.; Mohammad, A.; Lyubchenko, V.; Ahmad, A.
2017Wavelet Analysis of Cytological Preparations Image in Different Color SystemsLyashenko, V.; Babker, A.; Lyubchenko, V.
2015Computing Features of Elementary Projective Orthogonal Transformations of an ImageLyashenko, V.; Lyubchenko, V.; Mohammad, A.