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dc.contributor.authorBilous, N.-
dc.contributor.authorVisotskaja, E.-
dc.contributor.authorKozina, O.-
dc.contributor.authorPorvan, A.-
dc.contributor.authorKobzar, G.-
dc.contributor.authorKrasov, A.-
dc.identifier.citationImproving of recognition accuracy of ecg-signal in varios disorders of heart and optimization of treatment by drugs / Bilous N. , Visotskaja E., Kozina O., Porvan A., Kobzar G., Krasov A. // International Journal "Information Technologies & Knowledge". – 2009. – Vol. 3, №3. – С. 237–256.uk_UA
dc.description.abstractApplication of ECG scale-space representation and its derivatives for clarification of point positions on results of wavelet detector for increase of boundary points determination accuracy in the automatic mode at higher rapidness while providing maximal reliability of recognition of ECG elements is offered. In addition, possibility of scale-space representation application is investigated for the selection of cardiac cycles for averaging signal. A new method of optimal drug selection is also proposed that reduces recipe space more than doubled taking into account required for treatment of patient symptoms pharmacological actions of drugs. Using the obtained function as function of goal for deterministic parametric model of optimal selection of multi-direction activity drugs allows adequately and systematically complete process of selecting of effective treatment of all symptoms of patient..uk_UA
dc.subjectECG analysisuk_UA
dc.subjectdynamic programminguk_UA
dc.subjectм-rate of curvatureuk_UA
dc.subjectoptimal drug selectionuk_UA
dc.subjectcoefficient of efficiency of impactuk_UA
dc.titleImproving of recognition accuracy of ecg-signal in varios disorders of heart and optimization of treatment by drugsuk_UA
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