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Title: Random generation of combinatorial sets with special properties
Authors: Grebennik, I.
Lytvynenko, O.
Keywords: combinatorial generation
basic combinatorial set
random generation
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Grebennik I. Random generation of combinatorial sets with special properties / I. Grebennik, O. Lytvynenko // Econtechmod. An international quarterly journal on economics in technology,new technologies and modelling processes – 2016. – Vol. 5, № 4 – P. 43–48.
Abstract: General approach for solving the problem of random generation of compositional k  images of combinatorial sets (k-sets) has been proposed. K-sets are powerful apparatus that can be applied for solving many scientific and applied problems. Though many literature is dedicated to the problem of generating combinatorial configurations, existing studies deals mostly with simple combinatorial configurations like combinations, permutations etc
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