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dc.contributor.authorСвид, І. В.-
dc.contributor.authorОбод, А. І.-
dc.contributor.authorМальцев, О. С.-
dc.contributor.authorПавлова, Д. Б.-
dc.contributor.authorМонго, Б. В.-
dc.identifier.citationIryna V. Svyd, Andrij I. Obod, Oleksandr S. Maltsev, Daria B. Pavlova, Bridel V. Mongo. Optimization of data processing for requesting observation systems. // IAPGOŚ. – Lublin, Politechnika Lubelska, 2018; - №8 (1) – P. 56-59.uk_UA
dc.identifier.otherDOI: 10.5604/01.3001.0010.8654-
dc.description.abstractThe article discusses how to optimize the data when it detects air targets by requesting observation systems. Two schemes for the detection of air objects, differing in the order of the operation of deciphering the aircraft responders' response signals, were investigated. It is shown that performing the operation of decoding the signals of the aircraft responder after the operation of detecting the air object makes it possible to improve the quality of data processing of the requesting observation systems. The influence of the aircraft responder readiness coefficient and the probability of suppression of signals in the answer channel on the probability of detection of air objects was researched.uk_UA
dc.subjectdata processing optimizationuk_UA
dc.subjectrequesting observation systemsuk_UA
dc.subjectоптимизация обработки данныхuk_UA
dc.subjectзапросные системы наблюденияuk_UA
dc.subjectсамолетный ответчикuk_UA
dc.titleOptimization of data processing for requesting observation systemsuk_UA
dc.title.alternativeОптимизация обработки данных запросных систем наблюдения воздушного пространстваuk_UA
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