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Title: Экспериментальное исследование информативности амплитудного спектра голосового сигнала для аутентификации пользователя
Authors: Пастушенко, М. С.
Малонга, Б. Д.
Файзулаева, О. Н.
Keywords: Аутентифікація
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Национальная академия Национальной гвардии Украины
Abstract: In recent years, the problem of reliable access to information and financial resources of various organizations has exacerbated. The use of the biometric characteristics of the user (fingerprints, facial and iris image) has not given the desired results. In this regard, there are current im-portant studies devoted to the application of dynamic biometric features in access systems, and above all, the user voice signal, which allow quick increase of the analyzed sequence to provide the required reliability. The subject of research is methods of user voice authentication. The voice authen-tication systems use voice signal frequency band in the range of 0.1-0.3 kHz; 4-5 kHz; 6.5-7.8 kHz. A small part of the signs is concentrated in the region of 1 kHz. Now features of the user are analyzed in the spectral region. However, up to the present moment the informative value of the portions of the spectrum of the voice signal used for user authentication has not been estimated. The problem of experimental estimation for the informative-ness of different portions of the voice signal amplitude spectrum is proposed and solved in the article. The voice signal of the numbers from 0 to 9 was investigated as the analyzed digital sequence. The estimated parameter is the cross-correlation coefficient of individual portions in the spectrum of the identical numbers sequence. The studies have shown that the most informative is the portion of the spectrum from 100 to 600 Hz. The area above 4 kHz is less informative. The spectrum has a large enough cross-correlation coefficient in the range of 1 to 2 kHz. It is found that the noise signal has little impact on the informativeness of the spectrum at low frequencies. In the future it is advisable to estimate the impact of frequency spectrum portion from 1 to 2 kHz on the quality of the user authentication.
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