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Title: Investigation of self-similar properties of additive data traffic
Authors: Ivanisenko, I.
Kirichenko, L.
Radivilova, T.
Keywords: network traffic
self-similar traffic
Hurst exponent
model of self-similar traffic
multiplexing of self-similar streams
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Львів
Citation: Ivanisenko I. Investigation of Self-similar Properties of Additive Data Traffic. // I. Ivanisenko, L. Kirichenko, T. Radivilova / CSIT 2015 X-th International Scientific and Technical Conference «Computer science and information technologies», Lviv, UKRAINE, 14-17 September 2015 p. – 169-171.
Abstract: The work presents results of numerical study of self-similar properties of additive data traffic. It is shown that the value of Hurst exponent of total stream is determined by the maximum value of Hurst exponent of summed streams and the ratio of variation coefficient of stream with maximum Hurst exponent and other ones
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