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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Uncertainty measurement and dynamic system chaotical behaviourMachekhin, Yu. P.
2001Unsteady diffraction by an nonclosed coneDoroshenko, V. A.; Kravchenko, V. F.
2015Usage of F-transform to finding informative parameters of rhinomanometric signalsЄрохін, А. Л.; Нечипоренко, А. С.; Бабій, А. С.; Турута, О. П.
2016Usage of Phase Space Diagram to Finding Significant Features of Rhinomanometric SignalsЄрохін, А. Л.; Нечипоренко, А. С.; Турута, О. П.; Бабій, А. С.; Магдаліна, І. В.
2017Use Cookies to personalize the user and the analysis of its behaviorТиха, Т. В.
2019Use of femtosecond lasers to encode informationHnatenko, O. S.; Sivni, V. B.
2004Use of parallelism in finite state machines. Mathematical levelKrivoulya, G. F.; Nemchenko, O.
2013Use of semiconductor nanomaterials for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons detection in water objectSushko, O. A.; Bilash, О. М.
2017Using of Color Model and Contrast Variation in Wavelet Ideology for Study Megaloblastic Anemia CellsLyashenko, V.; Babker, A.
2013Using of linearized approach for crossed–fields devices’ modelingKorchakova, A. S.; Nikitenko, O. M.
2016Using r for risk menedgmentIievlieva, S.; Iievliev, Ie.
2017Using the method for detection correlation pleyades association between indicators of cerebrovascular diseaseVysotska, O. V.; Rysovana, L. M.; Alekseienko, R. V.
2016Using the methodology of wavelet analysis for processing images of cytology preparationsLyashenko, V.; Babker, A.; Kobylin, O.
2016Using the Properties of Wavelet Coefficients of Time Series for Image Analysis and ProcessingLyashenko, V.; Matarneh, R.; Deineko, Z.
2013V Студентська міжвузівська науково-практична конференція «Життєвий шлях та творча спадщина Т.Г. Шевченка: історико-філологічний погляд»-
2011Variants of Topology Editing Strategy in the Subsystem of Printed Circuit Boards Manufacturability ImprovementPanchak, R.; Kolesnyk, K.; Lobur, M.
2008Vector-Logical Diagnosis Method for SOC FunctionalitiesHahanov, V. I.; Guz, O. A.; Kulbakova, N.; Davydov, M.
2011Verification and Diagnosis of SoC HDL-codeHahanov, V. I.; Park, Dong Won; Guz, O. A.; Galagan, S.; Priymak, A.
2005Verification and testing RKHS series summation method for modelling radio electronic devicesChumachenko, S. V.; Chugurov, I. N.; Chugurova, V. V.
2008Verification Challenges of Clock Domain CrossingsZaychenko, S.; Melnik, D.; Lukashenko, O.