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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Scattering of the field of an electric dipole by a conic structure with longitudinal slotsDoroshenko, V. A.; Kravchenko, V. F.
2018Scientific and Methodical Support for Enterprise’s Competitiveness Increase under Conditions of Marketing OrientationСоколова, Л. В.; Верясова, Г. М.; Соколов, О. Є.
2010Security Risks and Modern Cyber Security Technologies for Corporate NetworksAdamov, A.; Hahanov, V.; Gharibi, W.
2014Semantic Portal as a Tool for Structural Reform of the Ukrainian Educational SystemГоловянко, М. В.; Терзіян, В. Я.; Шевченко, О. Ю.
2014Sensitivity of hybrid plasmons in nanowire based triangular/square clusters to surrounding dielectric environmentStognii, N. P.; Sakhnenko, N. K.
2004Set operation speed-up of fault simulationZaychenko, S. A.; Parfentiy, A. N.; Kamenuka, E. A.; Ktiaman, H.
2016ShortTermScientificMission ReportGolovianko, M.
2016Signal flow graph and alternative gain formula for multiprobe microwave multimeterMiroshnyk, M. A.; Zaicheno, O. B.; Butenko, V. M.
2014Simplified Approach to Modeling of Cross–Field DevicesNikitenko, O.M.; Volovenko, M.V.
2017Simulation and Comparative Analysis of Electrodynamic Railguns for Large Masses Acceleration: Railguns Without Biasing SystemChumakov, V.; Stolarchuk, O.
2004Simulation of the thermal mechanizm in semiconductors under action of pulsed electromagnetic fieldChumakov, V.; Slichenko, N. I.; Stolarhuk, A. V.; Egorov, A. M.; Lonin, Yu. F.
2008Situational Script Management of Business Processes with Changeable StructureChaliy, S.; Chala, O.
2013Smart Road InfrastructureZiarmand, A.
2014Smart traffic light in terms of the Cognitive road traffic management system (CTMS) based on the Internet of ThingsMiz, Volodymyr; Hahanov, Vladimir
2008SoC Software Components Diagnosis TechnologyChumachenko, Svetlana; Gharibi, Wajeb; Hahanova, Anna; Sushanov, Aleksey
2018Social security and crime in contemporarysociety: problems, instruments, trends in the context of UkraineNikolayevskyy, V. N.; Omelchenko, V. V.
2014Software for asteroids survey processing. Current status and prospectsХламов, С. В.; Саваневич, В. Е.; Мовсесян, Я. С.; Ткачев, В. Н.; Диков, Е. Н.; Брюховецкий, А. Б.; Дашкова, А. М.
2017Software for Voice Control Robot: Example of ImplementationMaksymova, S.; Matarneh, R.; Lyashenko, V.
2016Solution of the Fault-Tolerant Routing Problem on the Edge of IP-NetworkTariki, N.
2016Solving of sat – problems of artificial intelligence with the help of local elimination algorithmsMiroshnik, М. А.; Tsekhmistro, R. I.; Demichev, А. I