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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Radial Electric Field and Transport near the Rational SurfacePysarevsky, A. S.; Kozak, I. A.; Chernyshov, N. N.
2016Random Generation Of Combinatorial Sets With Special PropertiesGrebennik, I.; Lytvynenko, O.
2016Realization of Resource Blocks Allocation in LTE Downlink in the Form of Nonlinear OptimizationAl-Dulaimi, Aymen; Al-Dulaimi, Mohammed; Ageyev, D.
2009Reduction of Hardware Amount for Control Unit with Address TransformerBarkalov, A. A.; Titarenko L. A.; Lavrik A. S.
2015Reengineering the topological structure of large-scale monitoring systemsBeskorovainyi, V.; Podoliaka, K.
2012Reliability tensor model of telecommunication network with REDLemeshko, O. V.; Yevsyeyeva, O.; Garkusha, S.
2015Report on TRUST project impact on national levelGolovianko, M.
2004Reproducing kernel hilbert space methods for cad toolsChumachenko, S. V.; Khawar, Parvez; Gowher, Malik
2011Research and Development of Methods and Algorithms Non-hierarchical ClusteringStekh, Y.; Lobur, M.; Artsibasov, V.
2012Research and Development Solution Methodology of Informative Features Choosing for the RES Life Cycle Processes AnalysisNevlyudov, I. Sh.; Andrusevich, А. А.; Khatnyuk, I. S.
2008Research digital devices by means of modelling system on the basis of K-Value differential calculusDmitrienko, V. D.; Gladkikh, T. V.; Leonov, S. Yu.
2008Research in Digital Design and Test at Tallinn University of TechnologyRaimund, Ubar; Gert, Jervan; Artur, Jutman; Jaan, Raik; Peeter, Ellervee; Margus, Kruus
2015Research of Factors Influencing the Subchannel Allocation to Subscriber Stations in WiMAXLemeshko, O.; Hailan, Ahmad; Al-Janabi, Haider Dheyaa Kamil; Hojayev, Oraz
2014Research of Goal Coordination Method for Congestion Management on Telecommunication Network NodesSemenyaka, M.
2016Research of Influence Flow Characteristics to Network Routers Queues UtilizationLebedenko, T.; Ievdokymenko, M.; Ali, Salem Ali
2016Research of the Flow-based Model of Hierarchical Multicast RoutingNevzorova, O.; Arous, Kinan M.; Ali, Salem Ali
2013Resonant Degenerate Crystal Made of Spheres Located in Magnetodielectric MediumKozar, A. I.
2017Resonant grating of magnetodielectric resonance nanospheresKozar, A. I.
2015Results of Development of Model for Bandwidth Management in LTE Downlink with Resource Allocation Type 1Garkusha, S.; Al-Dulaimi, Aymen; Al-Janabi, Haider
2015Results of Development of Tropospheric Communications SystemPopovskiy, V.; Loshakov, V.; Philipenko, O.; Martinchuk, A.; Drif, Abdenour