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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Radar Recognition of Given and Unknown Meteorological ObjectsБезрук, В. М.; Хлопов, Г. І.
2010Radial Electric Field and Transport near the Rational SurfacePysarevsky, A. S.; Kozak, I. A.; Chernyshov, N. N.
2007Radiation sensitive integrated detectors based on compounds AIIBVIГалат, А. Б.; Гашин, П. А.; Гринев, Б. В.; Старжинский, Н. Г.; Зеня, И. М.
2016Random Generation Of Combinatorial Sets With Special PropertiesGrebennik, I.; Lytvynenko, O.
2015Rapidly convergent «superresolving» direction-of-arrival estimation of noise radiation sources in adaptive arraysLekhovytskiy, D. I.; Shifrin, Ya. S.
2017Ray tracing synthesis of spatial curve images built by the spherical interpolation methodГусятин, В. М.; Гусятин, М. В.; Михаль, О. Ф.
2016Realization of Resource Blocks Allocation in LTE Downlink in the Form of Nonlinear OptimizationAl-Dulaimi, Aymen; Al-Dulaimi, Mohammed; Ageyev, D.
2009Reduction of Hardware Amount for Control Unit with Address TransformerBarkalov, A. A.; Titarenko, L. A.; Lavrik, A. S.
2018Reduction of the measurand estimate bias for nonlinear model equationBotsiura, O. A.; Zakharov, I.; Neyezhmakov, P.
2015Reengineering relational database on analysis functional dependent attributeFilatov, V.; Radchenko, V.
2015Reengineering the topological structures of large-scale monitoring systemsBeskorovainyi, V.; Podoliaka, K.
2014Related-key cryptanalysis of perspective symmetric block cipherOliynykov, R.; Kaidalov, D.
2016Relationship between the Financial Security of Bank Employees and the Efficiency of Bank's Activities: A Case Study on Banks of UkraineVasyurenko, O.; Khosha, M.; Matarneh, R.; Lyashenko, V.
2012Reliability tensor model of telecommunication network with REDЛемешко, О. В.; Yevsyeyeva, O.; Garkusha, S.
2010Remote intelligent concentration measurement of gas dissolved in waterMachekhin, Yu. P.; Kuhtin, S. K.
2015Report on TRUST project impact on national levelGolovianko, M.
2004Reproducing kernel hilbert space methods for cad toolsChumachenko, S. V.; Khawar, Parvez; Gowher, Malik
2011Research and Development of Methods and Algorithms Non-hierarchical ClusteringStekh, Y.; Lobur, M.; Artsibasov, V.
2012Research and Development Solution Methodology of Informative Features Choosing for the RES Life Cycle Processes AnalysisNevlyudov, I. Sh.; Andrusevich, А. А.; Khatnyuk, I. S.
2008Research digital devices by means of modelling system on the basis of K-Value differential calculusDmitrienko, V. D.; Gladkikh, T. V.; Leonov, S. Yu.