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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Qos guarantees fdr the multiflow routing tensor modelЛемешко, О. В.; Єременко, О. С.
2013Quality control of functioning of telecommunications systemsAndrushko, D. V.; Volotka, V. S.; Skibin, V. P.
2016Quality of service ensuring using dynamic tensor model with support of different flow classes in telecmmunication networksЛемешко, О. В.; Єременко, О. С.
2013Quantum computing approach for shortest route findingHahanov, V. I.; Miz, V.
2007Quantum Efficiency of the InGaAS/GaAs Resonant Photodetector for the Ultrashort Optical ConnectionsGryshchenko, S. V.; Dyomin, A. A; Lysak, V. V.; Petrov, S. I.
2013Quantum Modeling and Repairing Digital SystemsBaghdadi, Ammar Awni Abbas; Hahanov, V. I.; Palanichamy, Manikandan; Litvinova, E. I.; Dementiev, S.
2013Quantum Models for Description of Digital SystemsHahanov, V. I.; Hahanova, I. V.; Litvinova, E. I.; Priymak, A.; Fomina, E.; Maksimov, M.; Tiecoura, Yves; Malek, Jehad Mohammad Jararweh
2013Quantum Technology for Analysis and Testing Computing SystemsGharibi, W.; Hahanov, V. I.; Anders, C.; Hahanova, I. V.; Filippenko, I. V.
2018Quantum-driven архітектури для паралельного проектування цифрових системЛюбарский, М. М.; Хаханов, І. В.; Чумаченко, І. В.; Хаханов, В. І.
2018Qubit Minimization of Boolean FunctionsHahanov, V. I.; Ka Lok Man; Liubarskyi, Mykhailo; Hahanov, Ivan; Chumachenko, S. V.
2012Qubit Model for Solving the Coverage ProblemHahanov, V. I.; Litvinova, E. I.; Chumachenko, S. V.; Baghdadi, Ammar Awni Abbas; Eshetie, Abebech Mandefro
2014Qubit Modeling Digital SystemsHahanova, I. V.; Emelyanov, I.; Amer, Tamer Bani
2013Queue management in distributed infocommunication systems with service oriented arhitectureKovalenko, T. N.
2018Radar Recognition of Given and Unknown Meteorological ObjectsБезрук, В. М.; Хлопов, Г. І.
2010Radial Electric Field and Transport near the Rational SurfacePysarevsky, A. S.; Kozak, I. A.; Chernyshov, N. N.
2007Radiation sensitive integrated detectors based on compounds AIIBVIГалат, А. Б.; Гашин, П. А.; Гринев, Б. В.; Старжинский, Н. Г.; Зеня, И. М.
2016Random Generation Of Combinatorial Sets With Special PropertiesGrebennik, I.; Lytvynenko, O.
2015Rapidly convergent «superresolving» direction-of-arrival estimation of noise radiation sources in adaptive arraysLekhovytskiy, D. I.; Shifrin, Ya. S.
2017Ray tracing synthesis of spatial curve images built by the spherical interpolation methodГусятин, В. М.; Гусятин, М. В.; Михаль, О. Ф.
2016Realization of Resource Blocks Allocation in LTE Downlink in the Form of Nonlinear OptimizationAl-Dulaimi, Aymen; Al-Dulaimi, Mohammed; Ageyev, D.