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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014On the construction of covering shapes for the analysis of economic dynamicsLyashenko, Vyacheslav; Kobylin, Oleg
2013On the locality principle keeping in Aharonov-Bohm effectGritsunov, A.; Masolova, N.
2009Optic Link SystemFilippenko, I. O.; Hahanov, V.
2008Optimal Memory Tests Coding for Programmable BIST ArchitectureIvaniuk, A. A.
2015Optimal stochastic control of the modes of operation of the sewage pumping stationTevyashev, A.; Nikitenko, G.; Matviyenko, O.
2009Optimization Factors in Modeling and Testing Hardware and Semiconductor Defects by Dynamic Discrete Event SimulationArabian, J. H.
2009Optimization of Control Unit with Code SharingBarkalov, A. A.; Titarenko, L. A.; Miroshkin, A. N.
2016Optimization of High Dynamic Range Images for Robotic Vision ApplicationcGuryev, I.; Martínez-Hernández, C.A.
2016Optimization of linear functions on a cyclic permutation Based on the random searchGrebennik, Igor; Baranov, Alexey; Chorna, Olga; Gorbacheva, Elena
2010Optimization of Speech Codecs on Set of Indicators of QualityBezruk, V. M.
2006Path Sensitization at Functional Verification of HDL-ModelsShkil, Alexandr; Syrevitch, Yevgeniya; Karasyov, Andrey; Cheglikov, Denis
2008Pattern Overlapping - a Promising Compression Method for Narrow Test Access Mechanism SOC CircuitsNovak, O.; Jenícek, J.
2012Patterns for reliable Web-servicesAbu-Jassar, A. T. S.; Tkachova, O. B.
2014Performance Analysis of Tensor Approach to Multipath QoS-based RoutingLemeshko, O. V.; Yevsyeyeva, O.; Hailan, A. H.
2010Performance Evaluation of AGLETS and JADE Mobile Agent Using Encryption and Decryption TimeDada, E. G.; Joseph, S. B.; Mishra, M. K.
2005Physics [Text], Part 1. Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Vibration and Waves, Electricity and Nagnetism: Summary of Letures.Rozhitskii, M.; Churilov, O.; Горбачов, В.О.; Zholudov, Y.
2006Physics [Text], Part 2. Electric Circuits, Optics and Quantum Mechanics: Summary of LeturesRozhitskii, M.; Churilov, O.; Zholudov, Y.; Горбачов, В.О.
2016POS-материалы как эффективный способ продвижения товараЧеботарева, И. Б.; Макарова, Ю. В.; Дацюк, А. С.
2016Priority Based Balancing Model of Resource Allocation in LTE DownlinkLemeshko, O. V.; Al-Dulaimi, A. M.
2016Priority-Based Model of Subchannel Allocation in WiMAX DownlinkLemeshko, O. V.; Al-Janabi, Haider D.; Al-Janabi, Hussam D.