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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019National digitalization programs in European Union: experience for UkraineSheiko, I.; Storozhenko, O.
2011Near-field patterns images of a cylindrical plasma columnStognii, N. P.; Sakhnenko, N. K.; Nerukh, A. G.
2004Network safety. Problems and perspectivesNemchenko, Volodymyr
2004New features of deductive fault simulationHahanov, V. I.; Obrizan, V. I.; Kiyaszhenko, A. V.; Pobezhenko, I. A.
2008New Parameters of the Ultrawideband Signals and ProcessesLazorenko, O. V.
2016New Possibilities of Naprative ExpressionGurieva, N.; Gómez, J.; Juárez, J.; Normandía, G.; Avila, C.
2015New software and hardware controlling complex of the UTR-2 radio telescopeБорцов, В. В.; Лисаченко, В. М.; Резниченко, А. М.; Сидорчук, М. А.; Ткачев, В. Н.
2015NewGUM : шаг вперед – два шага назадБоцюра, О. А.; Захаров, И. П.
2018Noise Immunity of Data Transfer Channels in Cooperative Observation Systems: Comparative AnalysisСвид, І. В.; Обод, І. І.; Мальцев, О. С.; Воргуль, О. В.; Заволодько, Г. Е.; Горюшкіна, А. Е.
2011Noise Reducing in Speech Signals Using Wavelet TechnologyRomanyshyn, Y.; Tkachenko, V
2010Non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation and ecologyChumakov, V.; Yegorov, A. M.; Lonin, A. Yu.; Shepelev, A. G.; Nemashkalo, O. V.
2000Nonstationary excitation of a cone with slotsDoroshenko, V. A.
2008Normal ECG recognition for express-diagnostics based on scale-space representation and dynamic matchingBilous, N.; Bondarenko, M.; Krasov, A.; Kobzar, G.; Rogozyanov, A.
2014Numerical analysis of the problem of flow past a cylindrical body applying the r-functions method and the galerkin methodLamtyugova, S. N.; Sidorov, M. V.
2009Numerical Simulation of Charge Diffusion on the Surface of a Dendrimer MoleculeAndreyev, A. V.; Klymenko, O. V.
2016Obtaining the local extremum in the problem of covering the fields by the circles of variable radiusPankratov, A. V.; Komyak, V. M.; Komyak, V. V.; Prikhodko, A. Yu.
2018On analysis of the elektromagnetic resistance of radioelektronic devices under impulse radiationLonin, Yu. F.; Ponomaryov, A. G.; Chumakov, V. I.
2014On the construction of covering shapes for the analysis of economic dynamicsLyashenko, Vyacheslav; Kobylin, Oleg
2016On the construction of two-sided approximations to positive solutions of some elliptic problemKolosova, S.; Lukhanin, V.
2013On the locality principle keeping in Aharonov-Bohm effectGritsunov, A.; Masolova, N.