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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Machine Learning in Classification Time Series with Fractal PropertiesКіріченко, Л. О.; Булах, В. А.; Радівілова, Т. А.
2011Main Strategies for Autonomous Robotic Controller DesignPaterega, I.
2014Malicious Hardware: characteristics, classification and formal modelsГорбачев, В. А.
2011Maple: Розв’язання інженерних та наукових задач: Навч. посібник.Нікітенко, О. М.
2015Mathematical foundations of measurement in nonlinear dynamics systemsMachekhin, Yu. P.
2009Mathematical model of a loaded conical antenna excitationDoroshenko, V. A.; Shimuk, Y. D.
2017Mathematical Model of Finding the Point Values of Decision Maker PreferencesKolesnyk, L.; Kolesnyk, O.; Vivdenko, S.
2011Mathematical model of MPLS-network supporting traffic engineering DiffServЛемешко, О. В.; Hailan, A. H.; Sabeeh, Z. A.
2013Mathematical model of request routing in content delivery networks with guaranteed quality of serviceYevsyeyeva, O. Yu.; Khader, M. B.
2010Mathematical model of the cloud for ray tracingBilous, N.; Ostroushko, A.; Bugriy, A.; Chagovets, Ya.
2014Mathematical modeling and numerical analysis of nonstationary plane-parallel flows of viscous incompressible fluid by r-functions and galerkin methodArtyukh, A.; Sidorov, M.
2016Mathematical modeling and numerical analysis of sustainable development of nonlinear dynamical systems with competitive interactionsWaleed Ahmed Mahmoud Alrefai
2014Mathematical Modeling for Reliability of Infocommunication NetworksВолотка, В. С.
2017Mathematical modeling of systemic colorimetric parameters unmasking wild waterfowlBalym, Yu.; Vysotska, O.; Pecherska, A.; Bespalov, Yu.
2017Mathematical modeling of the colorimetric parameters for remote control over the state of natural bioplatoBalym, Yu.; Georgiyants, M.; Vysotska, O.; Pecherska, A.; Porvan, A.
2014Mathematical simulation of infocommunication networks applying chaos theoryKarpukhin, A.; Gritsiv, D.; Tkachenko, A.
2013Mathematical simulation of self-similar network traffic with aimed parametersKirichenko, L.; Radivilova, T.
2017Mathematical support of the intelligent information system of assessing the object stateYakubovska, S.; Vysotska, O.; Timofeev, V.
2009Matrix Implementation of Moore FSM with Encoding of Collections of MicrooperationsBarkalov, A. A.; Titarenko, L.; Hebda, O. P.; Soldatov, K.
2014Matrix Manipulation Algorithms for Hasse Processor ImplementationHahanov, V. I.; Dahiri, F.