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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015“Laboratory Information Management System” Information Technology for Production Quality Assurance of EnterpriseShtangey, S.; Tereshchenko, A.
2018Langmuir–Blodgett technique versatility for electrode modification and its ECL applicationSnizhko, D.; Zholudov, Yu.; Kukoba, A.; Xu, G.
2018LATEX в дiї. Рекомендацiї з використання видавничої системи LATEXНікітенко, Олександр Миколайович
2017Learn-marketing - современная философия бизнесаСоколова, Л. В.; Мазура, А. Ю.
2004Lifelong education conception using computer testingBilous, N.; Vojtovich, I.
2014Linearized Approach of Crossed–Field DevicesKorchakova, A. S.; Nikitenko, O. M.
2017Lingustic-cognitive approach to the analysis of intercultural communicationSereda, A.
2006Logic and Fault Simulation Based on Shared-Memory ProcessorsObrizan, Volodymyr; Shipunov, Valeriy; Gavryushenko, Andiry; Kashpur, Oleg
2011Low-frequency filtering methods in astrophotography processingChernyak, O.
2015LTE EPS Network with Self-Similar Traffic Modeling for Performance AnalysisAgeyev, D.; Nameer, Q.
2015LTE RAN and Services Multi-Period PlanningAgeyev, D.; Al-Ansar, Ali
2011Main Strategies for Autonomous Robotic Controller DesignPaterega, I.
2014Malicious Hardware: characteristics, classification and formal modelsГорбачев, В. А.
2011Maple: Розв’язання інженерних та наукових задач: Навч. посібник.Нікітенко, О. М.
2009Mathematical model of a loaded conical antenna excitationDoroshenko, V. A.; Shimuk, Y. D.
2017Mathematical Model of Finding the Point Values of Decision Maker PreferencesKolesnyk, L.; Kolesnyk, O.; Vivdenko, S.
2011Mathematical model of MPLS-network supporting traffic engineering DiffServLemeshko, A. V.; Hailan, A. H.; Sabeeh, Z. A.
2013Mathematical model of request routing in content delivery networks with guaranteed quality of serviceYevsyeyeva, O. Yu.; Khader, M. B.
2010Mathematical model of the cloud for ray tracingBіlous, N.; Ostroushko, A.; Bugriy, A.; Chagovets, Ya.
2014Mathematical modeling and numerical analysis of nonstationary plane-parallel flows of viscous incompressible fluid by r-functions and galerkin methodArtyukh, A.; Sidorov, M.