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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Image Construction to Automation of ProjectiveTechniques for Psychophysiological AnalysisPavlova Natalia, Avrunin Oleg
2016Impact Analysis of Beam-Hardening CT-Artefacts in Radiotherapy planningStarenkij, V. P.; Vasyliev, L. L.; Samofalov, I. O.; Trofymov, A. V.
2011Impact of random variations of air hole diameters and random variations of the centers position of air holes on operation parameters of a solid core microstructured optical fiberДонсков, О. М.; Филипенко, О. І.
2017Implementation of Communication Phase of Data Exchange Protocol Prototype between IDPSsYeremenko, O.; Persikov, A.
2015Improvement of EIGRP protocol routing algorithm based on information security metricsСнегуров, А. В.; Чакрян, В. Х.
2015Improvement of EIGRP Protocol Routing Algorithm with the Consideration of Information Security Risk ParametersSnihurov, A.; Chakrian, V.
2015Improvement of Multipath Routing Flow-based Models for Different Paths ClassesYeremenko, O.; Tariki, N.; Abdulwahd, Mohanad Najm
2016Improving the efficiency of LTE using OFDM/OQAMAli Abdourahamane
2011Improving the performance of LTE technology by using MIMO and OFDMAl-Janabi, H. D.; Vadia, Z.
2013Improving transmission rate in WIMAX technology downlinkAl-Janabi, H. D.
2011Influence of anomalous dispersion mirror properties on the quantum efficiency of InGaAs/GaAs resonant cavity photodetectorGryshchenko, S.; Demin, A.; Lysak, V.; Sukhoivanov, I.
2012Influence of construction parameters of crossed–field devices resonant structure on quality factorsChen, Xin; Nikitenko, O. M.
2011Information Security System Survivability Assessment MethodDudykevych, V.; Garas, I.
2016Information support model of production trunsfusion processesMikhnova, A.; Mikhnov, D.; Chyrkova, K.
2011Infrastructure for Testing and Diagnosing Multimedia DevicesHahanov, Vladimir; Mostova, Karyna; Paschenko, Oleksandr
2011Innovative Data Collecting System of Services Provided by Medical LaboratoriesMigodzinski, A.; Ritter, R.; Kaminski, M.; Chlapinski, J.; Sakowicz, B.
2009Integer Linear Programming Models for the Problem of Covering a Polygonal Region by RectanglesScheithauer, G.; Stoyan, Yu.; Romanova, T.
2017Intelligent Information System of Heterogeneous Medical Data AnalysisЄрохін, А.Л.; Турута, О.П.; Нечипоренко, А.С.; Бабій, А.С.
2012Interconnection Analysis of the Integral Reliability Characteristics of the Monoergative Computer System and User’s CompetencyKrivoulya, G.; Shkil, A.; Kucherenko, D.
2012Internet of Things: A Practical Implementation based on a Wireless Sensor Network ApproachMercaldi, Michele; D’Oria, Andrea; Murru, Davide; Liang, Hai-Ning; Man, Ka Lok; Lim, Eng Gee; Hahanov, Vladimir; Mischenko, Alexander