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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Early Detection of Potentially Non-synchronized CDC Paths Using Structural Snalysis TechniqueZaychenko, S.; Melnik, D.; Lukashenko, O.
2010Ecological Corporative System Concept in Solving Problems of Ecological Estimation and Ecological Hygienic NormalizationKozulia, T. V.; Sharonova, N. V.; Kozulia, M. M.
2015Effective Solution for Scalability and Productivity Improvement in Fault-Tolerant RoutingLemeshko, O.; Tariki, N.; Kinan Arous
2010Effects of Level Quantization and Threshold Clipping of the Signal and Basis Functions of Discrete Fourier TransformKhanyan, G. S.
2014Efficiency of lending to natural persons and legal entities by banks of Ukraine: methodology of stochastic frontier analysisVasyurenko, Oleg; Lyashenko, Vyacheslav; Podchesova, Valeriia
2011Eigenvalue problem in a linear chain of coupled infinite-long plasma cylindersStognii, N. P.; Sakhnenko, N. K.
2016Electrical Exploding Wires as the Source of NanoparticlesChumakov, V; Stolarchuk, O.; Ostrizhnoi, M.
2018Electrochemiluminescence in Tryptophan / Tetraphenylborate System for Biosamples AssayZholudov, Yu.; Lysak, N.; Xu, G.
2018Electrogenerated chemiluminescence in tryptophan / tetraphenylborate system for biosamples assayZholudov, Y.
2015Electromagnetic Compatibility Analysis of the Infocommunication Systems Components on the Flexible Structures BasisZharikova, I. V.; Novoselov, S.; Nevlyudova, V.; Botsman, O.
2008Electromagnetic excitation of PEC slotted cones by elementary radial dipoles – a semi-inversion analysisSemenova, E. K.; Doroshenko, V. A.
2017Electromagnetic lattice «invisibility» of the resonance cubic crystal made of magnetodielectric spheresKozar, A. I.
2003Electromagnetic wave diffraction by a cone with longitudinal slots and a solid conic screen insideDoroshenko, V. A.; Semenova, E. K.
2010Electromagnetic waves diffraction a system of open cones in time domainDoroshenko, V. A.; Artjukh, A. V.; Parhomenko, V. A.
2008Electronic Absorption Spectrum of Thin K2ZnI4 FilmsYunakova, O. N.; Miloslavsky, V. K.; Kovalenko, E. N.
2015Elements transpositions and their impact on the cyclic structure of permutationsGrebennik, I.; Chorna, O.
2015Enhanced Flow-based Model of Multipath Routing with Overlapping by Nodes PathsYeremenko, O.
2008Enhancing Path Delay Fault Coverage by Weighted Pseudorandom Test GenerationGjermundnes, O.; Aas, E. J.
2016Equivalent topology transformation method of high complexity systemsГорбачев, В. А.; Elhag, Amar
2017Estimating the properties of technological systems based on fuzzy setsBeskorovainyi, V.; Berezovskyi, H.