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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Decision-making rule efficiency estimation with applying similarity metricsAnokhin, M.; Koryttsev, I.
2013Deep knowledge application for knowledge management instruments progressДанилов, А. Д.; Соловйова, К. О.; Бондаренко, М. Ф.; Слипченко, Н. И.; Ель Мутахід, А. Є.
2007Defining logic structures in functional spacesSitnikov, D.; Matski, N.; Ryabov, O.
2000Degradations of semicondactor devices under pulsed heat overloadingChumakov, V. I.
2009Descriptor Neural Networks with Arbitrary Characteristic IndeHahanov, V.; Rutkas, A.
2013Design and Optimization of a Planar UWB AntennaLim, Eng Gee; Wang, Zhao; Juans, Gerry; Man, Ka Lok; Zhang, Nan; Hahanov, V. I.; Litvinova, E. I.; Chumachenko, S. V.; Mishchenko, A.; Dementiev, S.
Sep-2019Design and study of a laser system for detecting optical devicesHnatenko, O.S.; Machekhin, Yu.P.; Neofitnyi, M.V.; Gulak, S.V.
2015Design of Dynamic Routing Scheme in Telecommunication NetworksHailan, Ahmad M.; Tariki, N.; Vavenko, T.V.
2010Design of radiation of elektron-beams antennaPonоmarev, A. G.; Lonin, Yu. F.; Stolуrchuk, A.V.; Zvyagintsev, A. Yu.; Chumakov, V. I.
2010Design of the Zeus Forward Tracking DetectorSherbak, Y. L.; Chernyshov, N. N.
2006Design of Wavelet Filter Bank for JPEG 2000 StandardHahanova, I. V.; Fomina, E.; Sorudeykin, K.; Hahanov, V. I.; Bykova, V.
2017Detecting cyber threats through social network analysis: short surveyKirichenko, L.; Radivilova, T.; Carlsson, A.
2017Determination of heat loss and microclimate parameters in non-production buildingЄрохін, А. Л.; Зацеркляний, Г. А.
2012Determination of priority of primary signs and its correction for constraction of objects recognition systemsZayats, V. M.; Shokyra, G.Ya.
2001Detrermination of the true dimentions of a cylindri cobject fromits X-ray photographAveryanova, L. A.; Golovenko, V. M.; Скляр, О. І.
2016Developing a method for prediction of relapsing myocardial infarction based on interpolation diagnostic polynomialYakubovska, S.; Vysotska, O.; Porvan, A.; Yelchaninov, D.; Linnyk, Е.
2017Developing software for solving some combinatorial generation and optimization problemsGrebennik, I. V.; Lytvynenko, O. S.
2017Developing the models of patterns in the design of requirements to an information system at the knowledge levelLevykin, V.; Ievlanov, M.; Neumyvakina, O.
2017Development of Data Exchange Protocol Prototype Between Intrusion Detection and Prevention SystemsЄременко, О. С.; Лемешко, О. В.; Persikov, A.
2018Development of a functional model of the information system of determination of emotional and cognitive disorders in patients with discircular encephalopathyRysovana, L. M.; Vysotska, O. V.; Panforofa, I. Yu.; Alekseienko, R. V.