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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Apparatus “Spark” for luminescent and electrochemiluminescent measurements Snizhko, D.; Bani-Khaled, G.; Muzyka, K.; Xu, G.
2007Application of network technologies for development of medical data-advisory clinic “MED-HEALTH”Bykh, Anatoly; Visotska, Elena; Zhemchuzhkina, Tatjana; Porvan, Andrey; Zhook, Alexander
2016Application of the theory of formal grammars and the E-nets tools for analysis of correctness of network resources distribution in the NFV infrastructureDuravkin, E. V.; Tkachova, O. B.; Mohammed Jamal Salim
2016Approach to Determination of Priority for Nodes of Telecommunication Network Functioning under DDOS-attacks in Order to Provide Quality of ServiceСнегуров, А. В.; Чакрян, В. Х.
2019Approaches for modern rhinomanometry diagnostics with data mining supportАврунін, О. Г.; Семенець, В. В.; Ibrahim Younouss Abdelhamid; Shushliapina, N. O.; Avrunin, O. G.; Semenets, V. V.
2017Artemisinin-luminol chemiluminescence for forensic bloodstain detection using smart phone as detectorKateryna Muzyka, Chao Wang, , Wenyue Gao,Shimeles Addisu Kitte, Jianping Li, Wei Zhang, and Guobao Xu
2012Assertion Based Method of Functional Defects for Diagnosing and Testing Multimedia DevicesHahanov, V.; Mostova, K.; Paschenko, O.
2005Assertions based verification for systemcForczek, M.; Zaychenko, S.
2005Assertions-based mechanism for the functional verification of the digital designsHahanov, V.; Yegorov, O.; Zaychenko, S.; Parfentiy, A.; Kaminska, M.; Kiyaschenko, A.
2019Assessment of information support quality by “friend or foe” identification systemsСвид, І. В.; Обод, А. І.; Заволодько, Г. Е.; MELNYCHUK, Iryna; WÓJCIK, Waldemar; ORAZALIEVA, Sandugash; ZIYATBEKOVA, Gulzat
2008Atomic Functions in Choi-Williams Analysis of the Ultrawideband SignalsLazorenko, O. V.
2014Automated Controllers Functioning Criteria in Content Distribution SystemsСаваневич, В. Е.; Ткачев, В. Н.
2018Automated determination of the parameters electric miographic signals for diagnostics and rehabilitationYeroshenko, O. A.; Prasol, I. V.
2001Automated nondestroying roughness control on optical ferrule surfacesТокарев, В. В.; Невлюдов, И. Ш.; Цимбал, А. М.
2015Automatized technique for three-dimensional reconstruction of cranial implant based on symmetryАврунін, О. Г.; Tymkovych, M.; Drauil, J.
2018Autonomous Agent's Behavior Model Based on Automata TheoryФілатов, В. О.; Семенець, В. В.; Filatov, V; Semenets, V
2015Bank Lending Efficiency in the Real Sector of the Economy of Ukraine within the Period of 2011 to 2014 YearsMohammad, A.; Kots, G.; Lyashenko, V.
2012Banking sectors of the economies of European countries in the representation of statistical interrelation between indices that characterize their developmentKots, Grigoriy; Lyashenko, Vyacheslav
2011BB84 Analysis of Operation and Practical Considerations and Implementations of Quantum Key Distribution SystemsWiniarczyk, P.; Zabierowski, W.
2008Beamforming Features of the Grounded Dielectric Substrate Based X-Band Monopole AntennaIvanchenko, I. V. Chernobrovki, R. E.; Popen, N. A.; Khruslov, M. M.